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John Ainsworth

This is where I’m suppose to tell you how cool I am and why you should choose me over all the other photographers for your senior portraits. Well as my wife points out constantly I’m not so cool. I’m old and over weight and spend way too much time wasting time. (Curse you Netflix!!)I do however LOVE to create images that stand out from the crowd. I have fun when I photograph each senior. I will make fun of that zit that popped up the night before your appointment. I will tell you when my idea sucked and we need to try something else. I will show you images that blow me away and make me think “I did that?” Yes after almost 20 years I’m still am amazed by the magic of photography. I guess that is why I should be your photographer. You and I will create magic images. Not those same sit here turn this way images you get from the yearbook photographer. But ones where at least I impress myself, and hopefully together we can make your mom cry.

John Ainsworth Photography